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Cellular Aging and Inflammation

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

The importance of exploring how we can enhance our immune system, has never been more important than now, for obvious reasons - COVID 19.

We need an immune system that’s functioning optimally, not a weak or too strong immune function. An excessive immune function can be life threatening, as we see happening during a Covid 19 infection. This is called a “Cytokine storm”, which occurs when the immune function is “overreacting”. Cytokines are chemical messengers that are involved in regulating the immune function. When too many are produced, as seen in COVID 19, it amplifies inflammation, which will damage tissues.

As we get older, the immune function deteriorates and we see a higher susceptibility to increased inflammation. A Cytokine storm in COVID 19 is also seen chronically in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Heart Disease and any other chronic degenerative condition. As we age, cells undergo deterioration of function and sometimes are no longer able to divide or recover their function. So called Cellular Senescence develops and the numbers accumulate throughout the body, causing further inflammation. An increase in inflammation will amplify cellular age, a vicious cycle that will deteriorate your health even further. This will cause fibrosis. This will produce calcification in blood vessels and upsets the balance of bone maintenance to generate osteoporosis. Senescence Cells are at the root of localised inflammatory conditions such as osteoarthritis. They harm lung function. and so on and so forth through a long list of issues. Countless cells become senescent in the body day in and day out. Cells also become senescent in response to injury, a toxic cellular environment or DNA damage. All these are likely to lead to cancer. A very tiny fraction of senescent cells linger indefinitely, however, these lingering cells secrete a potent mix of molecules that trigger chronic inflammation, damage the surrounding tissue structures, and change the behaviour of nearby cells for the worse. The harm grows as the number of senescent cells grows

So what can we do to stop this feed-forward loop? Reduce cellular senescence. Reduce inflammation.

Reducing cellular senescence, Senolytic therapy, can be achieved by appropriate lifestyle choices regarding exercise, diet, sleep, fasting, stress management, Wim Hof method, sauna use etc.

The right lifestyle choices are extremely important in helping to prevent the wide array of chronic degenerative conditions including Heart Disease, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, that so plague our modern society.

(Some of these topics, are discussed in my podcasts and will be discussed in future blogs and podcasts).

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