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Before I started the website Heaven can wait and podcasting, I had a problem that I needed to solve. Turning 50 and suddenly finding that my health wasn't what it should be. 20 pounds to heavy. Stressed. Not sleeping well. Wife not happy and working long hours building my clinics, giving it all to my patients, and that's despite the best of my intentions.


Things had to change.


I started to make small changes to my lifestyle, which had a dramatic effect on my life. The knowledge and experience I had begun accumulating during my transformation – had ignited a passion that I had to share. I needed an outlet. 

When you read this website or watch my videos or listen to my podcasts, you can also reap the benefits of what has been the realization of a vision I got to empower the people I care about to take action in their own lives to live healthier, happier, stronger and even living longer.

Sometimes even modest, well-informed changes can drive larger results than might be expected by functioning as building blocks that create positive action in a feedforward pattern of behavioral change.

If you value what the team and I are doing, 
please consider becoming a Premium Member.

When you become a Heaven can wait supporter, not only will you get member-exclusive content and access but you will also help me to do more of the important work of Heaven can wait: informing, sometimes even rebutting, but, more importantly, synthesizing cross-disciplinary science-focused content.

I can produce and deliver even more high-quality, well-researched information and the wider public and scientific community can continue to enjoy the (almost entirely free) beneficial impact of an utterly unique idea incubator serving the fields of aging, nutrition, wellness, mental health, well-being, and more.

Thank you for considering taking part in supporting Heaven can waith in helping others to change their life for the better.

Morten Wolff

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