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Life Changing - Stronger, Happier and Healthier


    Introducing Heaven Can Wait

by Morten Wolff

A functional approach to help you, feel HEALTHIER, HAPPIERSTRONGER, and in preventing the 4 biggest killers, and making you possibly live longer.


 Did you wake up this morning and felt that time is running out?

You are proud of what you have achieved. Built a nice business. Reached the top of your career. 2 holidays a year. Built a house you are proud of. Money in the bank. It means, you regularly work 60-70 hours each week. But it can all come at a cost. 

Working too long or too hard can result in extremely high levels of stress, particularly if you don’t have enough going on in the rest of your life to counterbalance it. Short bursts of pressure every once in a while are good for keeping us challenged and on our toes at work, but chronic, continuous stress is a different matter entirely. Study after study has linked stress to all manner of health problems, including high blood pressure, infertility, indigestion, allergies, migraine, diabetes, ulcers, skin disorders and depression.

Letting work dominate your life also means you’re probably not getting very much exercise, if any. Exercise keeps your body healthy and helps you to deal with stress. It could also mean you’re not getting enough proper, undisturbed sleep which is essential to good health.

If you’re working too hard there’s also a good chance that you’re ignoring your diet. Grabbing something from the office canteen, downing endless cups of coffee to keep going and then heating up a ready meal at night because you haven’t the energy or time to make anything better is a fast track to poor health.

All About Heaven can wait

Brick by brick

- and you will also be able to change your life around, as I have done.  


From asthma to diabetes, from depression to dementia, from autism to attention deficit disorders, from heart disease to cancer, from irritable bowel syndrome to autoimmune diseases, we must change our approach to how we deal with those diseases. 
The way we do medicine, has to change. To have a better system, we can not just get better at doing the same thing better, but we have to transform medical education, research, so we focus more on mechanisms and less on quantitative research. We have to shift,  from our current system of reductionism, organ based medicine to a more holistic ecological approach to health. If we do not change, we will not find a solution to our health care crisis or solve the alarming increase in chronic disease.
The purpose of this website/blog is to reduce the global burden of chronic disease. And to give you a simple overview over the latest research, and present it to you in an easy digestible manner, so you can make changes, to help yourself to avoid those chronic lifestyle related diseases. I have always been fascinated in how to live better and how to live longer. I’m practicing  this  myself and use it in my daily practice, to help my patients. 
The only thing you need is access to information, so you are more able to make the right lifestyle choice, to improve your life and preventing the 4 biggest killers and in having a longer and better health span.
We must bring prevention and well-being to the forefront of our health care systems effort to improve the health status of our citizens. To help eliminate unnecessary suffering of millions of individuals.